Is there anyone who has home insurance coverage?

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    I bought a new house located in 2 acres of land. I would like to share an incident that happened recently. My friend was living next to me. We were colleagues and have a friendly relationship. Last day when she had a visit to my place, her house caught fire due to a short circuit. It damaged fully and all her valuables were burnt. That was a shocking incident. But the main problem was, her house and property didn't have insurance coverage. So she had to invest the amount for the renovation process and other legal formalities from her hand. Her job was temporary and was struggling for the amount.

    Due to that incident, I decided to insure my home. I think it's better to insure your house, after understanding the challenges you face in protecting your property. My friend suggested an insurance and financial services providing company in Ontario. I planned to consult them next week. Is there anyone who has home insurance coverage? Please share the details of the insurance and financial services that you have consulted.

    Thank You!

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