Is this a scam?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ted, Mar 30, 2000.

  1. Ted

    Ted Guest

    There is a posting for a CC call "iCreditCard" by First National Bank.
    "The iCreditCard Visa is the only program of its kind on the Web! There is no up-front cash deposit required and the interest rate is zero (see below). Even people with current credit problems can be approved!

    The iCreditCard Visa allows you to send in the amount you want to spend, when you want to spend it. It's up to you! First National Bank will place a refundable account hold of $500 on your new Visa card. You do *not* need to send in or pay off $500. As you make your monthly payments, your credit limit becomes available to spend (you obtain available credit). You are not charged a financing charge and the minimum monthly payment is just $20. It's a little unusual, but as you can see, not very expensive because the APR is zero. The best part is, you can begin charging in just 20 days...even if you have current bad credit!"

    But this is what really gets me...
    "Due to the immense popularity of the iCreditCard Visa program, we request that you email us with any additional questions. We attempt to return all emails within 24 hours: "

    There is no number available?

    Can anyone confirm this card?
    Thank you.
  2. ALS

    ALS Guest

    First National Bank is a real bank known for their outrageous fees. Their processing fee is $88 and that has to be paid upfront (drafted out of your checking account when you fill out the online application), they also charge $10/month ($120 annually) for the card. You cannot use the card upon receipt, I think you have to pay before you charge or something like that. If you have $88 to give away then give it a try. If you are not approved then they will return your $88. As far as I can tell it is legit. I would have gotten one if I had the $88.
  3. **bETH

    **bETH Guest

    You might as well get First Naional Bank of Marin partially secured card you just send in $40 the rest would be charge to your card.

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