IS this fair???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Davidoj, Apr 28, 2001.

  1. Davidoj

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    This was in a oct Business week story What do you all think about this?
    First Union, meanwhile, codes its credit-card customers with tiny colored squares that flash when service reps call up an account on their computer screens. Green means the person is a profitable customer and should be granted waivers or otherwise given white-glove treatment. Reds are the money losers who have almost no negotiating power, and yellow is a more discretionary category in between. ''The information helps our people make decisions on fees and rates,'' explains First Union spokeswoman Mary Eshet.

  2. Nave

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    I guess that depends on whether you're green or red. :) What is "fair" anyway.

    I think they all use **some** criteria to determine whether you get treated as a good customer or not and at least you could say this would be somewhat less subjective...but I would only be concerned if my square were red. -Dave
  3. Reshod

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    What if your square is red, then would it be fair? I think that they need to treat every consumer as a worthy prospect. I am not saying that the dead beats should get a prime APR or that the prime customers should indulge in the best offers because of a subjective status.

    They credit card industry will soon recognize that the majority of all americans are not in the prime categories.

    The middle class American is more than likely the producer of the majority of the credit card industries cash flow and/or cash surplus.
  4. lbrown59

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    Re: Nave

    Whats fair about any CCC,CA or CRA??
  5. DaveLV

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    Re: Nave

    I think you're making their point for them though. When you call a credit card company you are speaking to some random person in their call center who is not familiar with your history as a customer. That person has other calls waiting and they cannot really afford the time to go over you account in detail to make sure they are not 1. offending a good customer who makes them money or 2. giving the farm to someone who's not profitable in the first place.

    There are people other than the front-line call center folks who can spend more time with you individually and make more informed decisions. But if there is a way that a good customer can get what they want right away from the call center I think programs like this one are good for their business. If you or I were to get (maybe wrongly?) tagged with a lower rating, we could speak to someone with more authority. If we can convince them we're right I'm sure we'd get treated better.

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