Is this legit????

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Indnewssrv, Apr 17, 2000.

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    I got a "too goo to be true" offer.Its a credit card offer that comes in a post card (lettering on both sides) offering me up to $7500 interest till 2001...etc.The company is A.I.M from 1320 state route 9, champlain,NY 12919.They just want me to have a legit checking or saving account and I must be 18.Already my suspicion rised with some things they ask.There # is 888-403-9155..Anyone heard of these people.

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    RE: Just another bullshit cata

    Well they certainly save on the bulk mail costs it being only a measly post card size.

    I love the fact they throw in the "Platinum Membership" ha ha and the almost pre-requisite florida vacation trip scam. This is as boilerplate as you can get.

    I have no doubt as to what sort of overpriced crap their catalogue is trying to push, no doubt with 30% deposit required, some "credit card".

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