Is this our Bill Bauer?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CyberSpy, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. F.F.M

    F.F.M Guest

    You go CyberSpy....!!!

    Get Out....LOL.....!!

    Now if you could only find those people who love to bash and harass people on this board we would all be in good shape...!!!!
  2. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Although I have worked closely from time to time on various issues over the years with both the NRA and the GOA the website which you refer to
    is not mine and I have nothing to do with that nor do I know the man who apparently carries the same name that I do. His actual name may be William or Will, or Willie or Billy or other possible variations

    The next two websties you refer to are mine or

    as well as many more. How many more can you find?
    I have them all over the internet.

    The next one on isn't mine, I don't own or have anything to do with or ICQ although I used to and the number referred to seems to me might be one of the many ICQ numbers I have used in the past. ICQ is too dangerous to use for my liking, so I quit using it long ago.
    ICQ is an open door and an open invitation to hackers.

    The next one which is in German is not mine although I am very fluent in German. My first language was German, not English since my parents were of German Ancestory. I think my great grandparents or maybe Great Greats came over from Germany and since I lived in a very small town in Nebraska during my childhood in which the official language of the church was German and all services were conducted in German until Jan 1, 1939 when it was changed to English because of the social problems created by one Adolph Schickelburger. By 1939, he was a very infamous person in the eyes of just about evey American, so speaking German was not something one did on the streets. Of course, church was the only place it was spoken anyway. One never heard German on the streets since probably about the time of the 1st World War.

    Bill Bauer
  3. MrYowler

    MrYowler Guest

    "How many more can you find?
    I have them all over the internet."

    a little to close to a homerun?
  4. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    A couple are not mine at all, but that isn't even the beginning of them all by any stretch of the imagination.

    You do have a few of mine in there.
    Some of mine you won't ever find.

    Happy Hunting.

    Bill Bauer
  5. Cloaked

    Cloaked Guest

    peace out brother!my time here is finished,I leave all to the others and you Mr. Bauer,your post have been amusing if not informative to say the least!

    "note this is ALL ???" meant the links were questionable as to being related to "our Mr. Bauer" not that this was all the sites attributed to you sir.Please excuse any confusion this may have caused.
  6. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Not even close

    They have managed to see the ball coming, maybe even started to swing, but they haven't even really stepped up to the plate yet.

    Too close to a home run??

    Hardly, not even close

    But what the heck, let them have fun.

    Bill Bauer
  7. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    State of confusion

    What the heck!

    Your post may well have been most constructive.
    It might even have given them something to do for a change.

    I really enjoy all the bashing I get. And there are a great deal of benefits to be had for all from their bashing.

    Just imagine, while they are off trying to find all my websites, looking for more ways to bash me, and actually doing the bashing, they are losing precious time that they could be using to good advantage bashing other people, thereby sparing others their grief, hate and discontent.

    There is, after all, a little good in the worst of us and a little bad in the best of us.

    You have a nice day, Sir:

    Bill Bauer
  8. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Another advantage

    There is another reason I just love the fact that all these helpful folks are out there looking for my websites.

    I do have a few that for one reason or another, can't be found anymore. I'd love to get them back and update them, but I can't seem to find them.

    Maybe these good folks will be kind enough to intensify their search and actually find some of those lost websites for me, then I can get them back in service.

    So far, they would pretty well qualify for the NoBell Piece Prize, however. LOL

    Bill Bauer

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