is this really a repo?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Feb 6, 2001.

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    After my Chapter 7, I still made payments to Primus to keep my leased car. But I leased a new car early (thanks Ford Credit!) and turned my old car in one month early.

    Primus said any payments I made were voluntary, so I figured I could turn the car in early. Well, I got my Experian report yesterday to see that Primus had updated my account read "Included in BK, repossession." But my car wasn't repossessed. When I called Primus to say I was going to turn the car in early (heck, I only skipped the final month's payment, and Primus kept a $3,000 security deposit on the car) did anyone say it would be considered a repo.

    Finally, the reason I disputed the account to the CRAs to begin with was because Primus was reporting I was $500 past due. But I wasn't. Primus cashed a $977 check for $477. I noticed it on my checking account statement and called my credit union, which sent the $500 to Primus. But Primus never acknowleged my honesty and continued to report I shorted the company $500.

    Boy, do I feel dumb about that.

    So, is this a repo and what do people think the best way to challenge this is?

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