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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dany, Sep 13, 2000.

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    I had an awful experience today with the rudest cashier in history because I have "see photo ID" written on the back of my credit card. She practically threw the card back at me and insisted that I sign it right then and there. I explained to her that I wouldn't sign it and had written "see photo ID" because my signature had mostly rubbed off and it was my understanding that re-signing over an existing signature was illegal. She claimed that not having a signature on the back was illegal.

    What are the laws regarding this issue? I would think my drivers license, which has my signature on it, would be plenty of proof that I am me. And I'd really like to approach the manager about how rude this cashier was, but I'd like to know the facts about this signature issue first.

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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    Hi, Don't know if I can help you or not. But I work at a job where we accept credit cards everyday. And if the cards not signed, or has see Id, ask for ID, check ID, we always ask to see it. They are never given any problems. However it is advisable to sign the card and have this request for ID on in addition too the signature. It sounds like the clerk was extremely rude, and if I were you I'd take it to the manager. She surley needs to be put in her place. All credit cards are suppozed to be signed in order to be valid. Some credit cards still state this. This would be a good question for Kristi To answer. Perhpas she can give us the legal information on this subject.
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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    Actually the card is not valid unless there is a signature on the back. The main reason for this is that the card company can use that signature to prove whether you actually made the purchase or not. If someone steals youre card and you have it signed the merchant may be able to tell that the signature on the card and the signature on the receipt are significantly different and not let the person use the card. They are required to check the signature so that they can combat fraud. When a card is stolen and used at a store the credit card company can request a video tape from the store. If the tape shows that the clerk did not check the signature the store will be held accountable for the charge. Because of this some stores will refuse to take a card that isnt signed.

    What I usually suggest to combat this is getting a photocard from youre bank. Citibank has one with youre photo and signature on the front. Other banks have similar versions of this.
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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    It would certainly help if the credit card companies (or whoever makes the plastic blanks) would use a material on the signature strip that would not allow the ink to rub off after only two months. I even tried signing one with an ultra-fine permanent marker (Sharpie) and it only lasted 5 months. If I get this marker on my hand accidentally, I literally have to spend 10 minutes scrubbing it off with soap and an abrasive pad.

    All of the signatures are now just black smudges on the back of the card. The clerks just shrug and hand it back to me.
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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    Thanks for the input. My driver's license has my photo AND my signature on it ... so why wouldn't showing that be just as much proof that I'm really me as would a signature on my card? And I totally agree about the signatures rubbing off -- it's inevitable. Should I just ask for a new card from my bank?
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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    This may be a side effect of the security feature of the signature strip, which is that the repeating "Visa" or "MasterCard" background pattern will apparantly rub off if someone attempts to erase or alter the signature.

    I keep all of my cards in paper envelopes that banks hand out for ATM cards, primarily to protect the mag-stripes, and I haven't had any significant problems with damaged signatures.

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    RE: Is writing "See photo

    My employer has instituted a policy that if the card is not signed and the customer does not want to sign it and then show i. d. with a signature-we can not accept the card. Most cards state on the back that they are not valid unless signed.I would suggest that you sign the card AND put see i.d. on it.It works very well for me and it keeps the clerks from being put in the middle of the employer's policies.

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