isn't bogus caller ID illegal?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DanS, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. DanS

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    This is a voice over IP "broadcast" service that dials (debtor's ) phone and allows interaction ("press 9 to speak with someone") or leaves a message.

    There are many options, but this one sounds it's like quite illegal, as I recall reading something about not pretending to be someone else, i.e., obscuring the CA's identity:

    Caller ID. Choose any number to be displayed on the recipients' caller IDs.
  2. pd11604

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    Knowledgable people can "spoof" caller ID just like email spammers can spoof email addresses

    Definition: Email spoofing is the practice of changing your name in email so that it looks
    like the email came from somewhere or someone else. . .
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    Do a search... I remember a post here not too long about where someone called the FTC about this very issue and was told in no uncertain terms that it was illegal. I believe they were preparing a case to sue the CA that did it.

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  5. Black77

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    That was me. Unfortunately...I haven't been able to determine the CA. I have 6 different numbers and no one answers when called. I've tried calling using a pay phone both direct and collect.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Is a "SPOOF E-MAIL" this???

    My E-MAIL address on AOL is say GOODCREDIT@AOL then I get an E-MAIL from GOODCREDIT@YAHOO???

  7. darkdoj

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    Is having a number better than getting 18000000000 on your caller ID for RMA?
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  9. pd11604

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    "Spoofing" is the practice of sending something to someone but making it look like it came from somewhere else

    In other words an email spammer who gets hold of your email address could send out his spam from his email account, but it would look like it came from you

    same thing with caller ID spoofing...someone (CA)could call you from their own (CA's) phone, but it would look like it came from somewhere else

    This is nothing new...ever hear of "remailing" services? You address and stamp your letter to your intended party, but then , you put it in another envelope that you address and send to someone else in a distant city. They get it and drop it in the mailbox of that city for you., so to your intended party it looks like you mailed the letter from there

    It is the same idea with email and caller ID spoofing

    Hope this explaination helps!

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