It is WORTH it!; And a THANKS!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PC509, Oct 19, 2000.

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    Just a positive note this morning. I recieved another Equifax updated report yesterday. It is SOOOOO great to see a lot of these bad mark off my report. I only have to work on paying some collections (and negociate to get them off my report!). All my chargeoff's have been removed. The only bad thing I have left is a repo (it will probably stay...). All in all, seeing my report look half-way decent, rather than total poop, puts a pretty good smile on my face. Now I am working on adding more positive items to it! Experian and Transunion reports should be here any day!
    To any one nervous or questioning the process, I found it easy, and kinda fun after the updates started coming in. Kind of like a hobby now!! (Not that fun! But it does make you feel good).
    So, to everyone in the group, THANK YOU A MILLION!!!!
    To all the newcomers, Good luck, have fun, and ask questions to this group, you will get some GREAT advice!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!


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