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  1. JD

    JD Guest

    You had previously replied to someone and mentioned Ford Credit. I have a question for you.
  2. jamie

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    Hello!!!, I'm here now.
  3. JD

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    I thought you had some dealings with Ford Credit. I have some negative info on my credit report (account has since been paid) and wondered if I should talk to Ford Credit about getting it removed or should I attempt it with the credit agency.

  4. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    What kind of Neg. info?
  5. JD

    JD Guest

    My original auto loan with them is showing up on my credit report as 7 times over 30 days, and once over 60. This was in 1995. I re-financed the loan with them, so now the loan shows up twice on my credit report. The second listing on my credit report shows as once over 30 days and that is it. My question was, can I get the first listing removed from my credit report?
  6. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh, leave it to FC. My husbands was listed as a charge off twice. After 2.5 years of trying to straighted this out, We still can't figure out why it was charged off. He had the title back at the term of the loan and sold the truck. This was in '96.
    They charged off $371 but we were never late with any payments. The reports reflect this. We didn't even know about it until '98. No correspondance and no calls. After several phone calls and letters (they dont respond to letters)to Ford and the CRA's, we finally got the dup. removed and a $0 balance. This took 2.5 years. I requested a copy of the origingal loan doc in Oct., still nothing, Thats what? 4 months. Thier reps suck too. I told the one I spoke with last week, after telling my story 5 times that day, that we will never buy another Ford, and we have 3 sitting in the driveway now. There was no comment, and I went on to tell her this was my last attemp to straighten this out or I'd sue them. She said "Duh, OK. Geeze, I dont know what shakes them. I guess once they have your money and your sig. they can care less about thier customer service. Anything else?
  7. JD

    JD Guest

    Thanks for replying. I only know that I'd really like to get these off my CR. It's got to be pulling my credit score down.
  8. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Well, The office in Mesa, AZ should be the ones to talk to. 1-800-732-2264 or address:

    Ford Motor Credit Co.
    P.O. Box 6508
    Mesa, AZ 85216-6508

    Everytime I disputed, it came back verified, everytime I called Ford, they told me that there was a $0 balance and the problem was with the CRA's. I even sent a cert. letter to Ford at the Dearborn MI address, which is where the CRA's say they verified. It came back Address Unknown, return to sender. Thats when I got really mad. Good Luck. You have to be persistant with them because, they just don't care.... Go get 'em!!!!!
  9. John Shimm

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    >> Thanks for replying. I only know that I'd
    >> really like to get these off my CR. It's
    >> got to be pulling my credit score down.

    You don't just 'get it off' because you don't like it. It's accurate, it's within 7 years, it's correct. When ya screw up, you live with it (or lie, cheat and steal to try to find a loophole).

    You said '95 on the refi? Well, add 7 years to that, and the first account will be off in 2002.

    Ford Credit is tough as hell - they verify everything I've ever dealt with regarding them. No BS.
  10. Mary

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    This is my situation too...

    I leased a Ford, had the same negatives as you, then with my fiance as co-signor (and a huge deposit) I bought the car when the lease was up. (New loan) I have since had a pristine record for 17 months, but Ford wont budge. They verify everything. I called a rep and explained the situation, admitted I was at fault, but since the lease was paid, could they remove even just the 60 day lates. Their response was basically that if it happened once or twice maybe, but since I had so many (8)it was my tough luck. Granted, in this situation it was my fault, so I cant really get too mad about it, but I did think that with my current on time record, they could have cut me a break, especially since they totally messed up my new loan more than once, and their reps know nothing about refinancing. Good luck, my advice is to keep trying but like I said, they verify everything.
  11. alice

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    RE: This is my situation too..

    Did they give you a hard time when you bought your lease out and did you get a loan from Ford. My lease is about to end in May and I need to buy the car out, I have a few 30 day lates and I'm getting worried.
  12. Mary

    Mary Guest

    RE: This is my situation too..

    Hi ALice,

    This is a long one, you better go grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up. :)

    To begin with, I had 8 30 day lates, and 1 60 day late. (Plus bounced a few checks in there, oops)I went to the dealer (NJ) who told me over the phone "it might be tricky, but we can do it" I had my fiance co sign. They pretty much treated us like dirt, but I really think the guy we dealt with was not too bright. We were there a total of 3.5 hours, while they "crunched the numbers" and it was the most nerve wracking experience of my life, almost.

    Anyhow, the eventually told us I couldnt buy the car, not because of my bad credit, but because of the lates and bounced payments. They told us my fiance would have to buy it in his name instead of just co-siging. He was about ready to explode by then and told them to just keep it. (He didnt want to carry that much debt in his name, we had other obligations at the time.) When we were ready to walk out the door, (me in tears) they said they'd try to find another way, and then finally, agreed to let me have it, in my name with him as cosignor, at 22% interest, $2000 down. (This was in 5/99, for a 97 Escort) It was a horrible deal, but we took it, because they told us that after 6 months or so of on time payments, I could re-finance. They later on denied that whole conversation, of course. I dont know if this is a tactic of Ford, or just this dealer, but we were so frazzled and upset by the end of the 3.5 hr wait we couldnt wait to get the hell out of there. I think they try to make you feel really desperate, like no one in the world will sell to you, so you gotta take their crappy deal.

    Anyhow, if your credit is not as bad as mine (and it would have to be pretty bad, mine was unbelievably bad then) and you only have a few 30 day lates, I really dont think you will have a problem. The real issue for me seemed to be that I had 8 30 day lates and 1 6 day in only a 24 month period. The lease was for 2 years. I could kick myself now of course, but live and learn. Plus, its a huge deal to ford if you bounce a check, and I did it a couple of times. Im sure you'll be okay, especially if you have a longer lease and only a few 30 day lates. Good luck, and let know how it turns out.

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