Jason Amex Question?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Chet, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    My wife just tried to add me to her Gold card. I had included Amex in a 92 BK, but paid off the balance that I owed them about 3 months ago. Will I get (or qualify) for this card as an AU? My credit has been spotless since the 92 BK, about 15 positive tradelines on Experian, but the BK still shows in the public records.


  2. King-AMEX

    King-AMEX Member

    Yes, as long as you paid the debt, you should have no problem. Their policy is to deny AU if they had any previous bad relationships with them; but it sounds like you have done your best to reconcile that. If you do get denied, you can ask that a supervisor review the request
  3. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    I agree. If you've paid the account, you should have no problem being added as a AU. A friend of mine burned Amex and still received a card from them after she paid the amount due.
  4. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Another Jason Amex Question?

    I have an E-loan (using EXP) score of 673 which should be around 650 or better using EXP's model (empirica?). I also have a 401K retirement account with Am Ex if that helps any. It is fairly new with only $1000.00 in it so far. Should I apply for a green or Optima card, or just wait until my score is better? I hate to waste another inquiry (9 in six months now). I don't really need the green charge card, and would ultimately like the Optima, Blue, etc. Also, if they don't pull Experian, I don't have a prayer :) I should probably wait six months. Yes/No?

  5. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone!

    I had no idea she was going to do that 8-O

    I came home from work and she was on the phone with Amex giving them my SS#, and adding me to her card. I was going to wait another year until my BK disappeared from my credit reports to try for an Amex card.

    If I am denied it will be a great source of embarrassment!!

    Here's keeping my fingers crossed X


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