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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GEORGE, Nov 13, 2000.


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    I sent an e-mail on AMEX SECURE MESSAGING SITE asking where the click on button for "already approved credit line increase" for my AMEX BLUE. Never found it where I was told it was supposed to be. (Actually told three or four different places).

    Their response was that it takes 7-10 days for an answer by mail (USPS)...did I just ask for a credit line increase???
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    RE: JASON-AMEX REP/ line incre

    They just re-designed their website and when I was there yesterday noticed that the button for that request is gone--well they are still in the process of re-designing it and it will return, along with the option to order replacement cards and change your address.

    I do not know all the details, but it sounds like you did apply for an increase. Call the CS # on the back of your card to verify

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: JASON-AMEX REP/ line incre

    Are you proud of me I didn't use all caps?
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    RE: JASON-AMEX REP/ line incre

    I think it's thoughtful of you to speak softly : )

    The old credit line increase area on the site (if a preapproved offer isn't availavle to you) asked for income, mortgage, and employer information. If you didn't fill in that stuff, you're probably OK.

    When I called in after 9 months with Blue, the nice rep (they're always nice... I love Amex!) transferred me to the credit department and the nice rep there was very up-front with me ... "I can approve $xx now, or if you'd like more, I can put that request in."

    I really appreciated the respect given to me - and the choice of adding or not adding a "hard" inquiry to my credit report. I did get a hardcopy of my Experian and did notice that Amex "peeks" almost every month (not disclosed to others, just "update requests"). I assume they're just doing a score update.

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