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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by heather, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    When I was 18 I received my first line of credit for $300 with JC Penny's. Not knowing about credit reports I allowed the account to go past due 60-90 days. I owed a balance of about $280 dollars and when the collection dept. called I paid off the full balance. The only problem is they still reported it to all 3 credit bureaus as a chargeoff and has been on my report now since 98'. I have attempted to speak with their CSR dept. several times and they refuse to remove it. I am not able to get any credit with any other respectable company's because of this. Does anyone know how I can get this removed? Please help. Free advise only please.
  2. kim

    kim Well-Known Member

    Yesterday you said you were 16 when you got the card. Read the response you got yesterday.
  3. bjoe

    bjoe Active Member

    Where you 16 like you said yesterday, or 18? That makes a BIG difference
  4. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I meant to put 18. There was no way to delete it after I sent it.
  5. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I was 18, I couldn't change it after I had submitted it.
  6. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    In the future, just reply to your original post (maybe change the subject to say: Was 18 not 16) and let people know that you made a mistake. People here do it all the time (for spelling or grammatical errors). That way everyone knows what's up. :)
  7. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Have you requested any info from Penneys about the charge off? How far over 90 days was it late. Even though you paid it off, they may have charged it off on their records before you paid. Most companies won't remove charge offs if that is what happened. Is it being reported as paid 0 balance? or is there an open balance?
  8. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    It was reported as chargeoff before I paid the balance off in full. JC Penny's reports a n account as charged off after only 90 days past due which mine was. My credit report is showing chargeoff with 0 balance.

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