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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Apr 28, 2001.

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    I received a letter of confirmation from Transunion today regarding my disputes. There was nothing on there pertaining to my using an attorney or a credit repair business. They said they received my disputes on April 18th, which is a crock as they were sent out on 4/6. They stated they are contacting the parties who reported the info asking them to verify.The investigation will be concluded within 30 days. That would make it approx. 5/18. Then they say if I don't receive my updated report by June 2nd I should call. Oh, nothing about my file being in a different department either.
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    Hey LKH!!

    I got the same letters from TU. The dates they use are a "crock" as you put it. They always claim they got the disputes late. Then they ask us to contact them 45 days after the bogus receipt date. This is planned strategy on the part of TU. that is in my opinion.

    Good luck with the disputes!
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    ==Won't work if yopu have a R.R.

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