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  1. LKH

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    As we discussed last night in the chat room about my not being able to get a Capital 1 card, today I get a "pre-selected" offer from them for a gold card. I don't know if I'll get it though. The only info they asked for was my social, home phone and signature. Does that pretty much guarantee it when that's all the info they ask for?
  2. on the go

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    when I got my cap1 I did the same thing applied on line and was turned down, then 6wks. later got pre approved letter figured what the heck worth a try. They sent me a card figure that out.????
  3. jamie

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    My husband applied on line and got $200. 2 days later got an offer in the mail, applied again and got $2000. I think those reservation numbers have something to do with it.
  4. Jim

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    Sorry i took so long to get ba

    My computer crashed yesterday.

    The offer must say "Preapproved up to ____ limit". My first card said upt to $1K. The gold card said up to 3K.

    Even when you are preapproved, they still run a credit check so it is 99% when preapproved not 100%.

    I made the mistake of applying for a MBNA card offer I got. i was selected not preapproved. They turned me down.

    Good luck

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