John Gliha's Debt Elimination

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mahamuni, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Mahamuni

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    Has anyone out here gone thru this process and had success? Anyone tried it and not had success? Please share your experiences. I would greatly appreciate it and it would be very helpful.

  2. truth4all

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    click on forums
    then General
    and you will see some threads relating to this.
    It seems John Gliha and lawsuits go hand in hand.
  3. rama

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    Debt Elimination! That was what I was praying for some months back when I was heavily burdened by my credit card obligations. I had 5 cards at that time and all my payments for each was in default.

    Luckily for me, I came across this site:

    Now, I'm debt-free. Try it yourself!!!
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  4. Hedwig

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    Most debt elimination programs are scams. There are programs shut down all the time, and new ones crop up to take their place. And why bump a thread this old? Are you trying to spam?
  5. cap1sucks

    cap1sucks New Member

    Of course they are trying to spam. On top of that they are trying to spam for a man and his company that has been a proven scam ever since FDCPA first came out. The man and his long list of cohorts have scammed people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

    One of their most famous scams was setting up a fake arbitration company. Anybody could get an arbitration award for a hefty price. Soon fake arbitration forums were sprouting up like Kansas sunflowers and of course the banks couldn't take that so they got the courts and the Attorney Generals to shut them down.

    They have constantly tried to get the courts to go along with their beliefs about Modern Money Mechanics and The Creature From Jekyl Island and how the money is nothing but a scam itself. Of course, neither are anything but informative brochures and entertaining literature. Certainly not law or legal arguments.

    People are willing to believe almost anything, especially when it comes to IRS and how to beat them. There are forums out there these days who try to turn themselves into the creditors and their creditors into their debtors. They have various mechanisms such as A4V (accepted for value), 1099-OID scams whereby they send the IRS a 1099 each time they make a payment (if they ever do), take debt collection letters and turn them into imaginary money orders, endorse them on the back made payable to the IRS and send them off to the U.S. Treasury department to help pay off the national debt. (LOL). There are even a few clowns running around the country putting on high priced seminars teaching this garbage. And of course, they are all soverign citizens. (LOL) They are outraged by the fact that their birth certificates have been sold on the securities markets thereby enslaving them for their entire lives so they want to renounce their citizenship and their birth certificates.

    Seems the more outrageous the scam the greater the number of suckers who subscribe to their theories. Most of the validation and other letters generally popular on most web sites and forums were actually first dreamed up by the person referred to here but they have long since been embellished to almost unimaginable lengths by those hoping to add their two cents worth. I've seen debt validation letters that demanded that the debt collector answer as many as 54 questions. Seems that it just gets worse and worse every day.
  6. jimelton23

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    This is an interesting discussion. thank you for sharing
  7. j.citizen

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    Re: John Gliha's Debt Elimination Scam and Felony Arrest

    FYI, I know this thread is old but I wanted to update everyone on John Gliha and his scam. John Gliha is in mortgage foreclosure himself by the bank and his HOA. Please research this for yourself by searching the Orange County Comptrollers website where he lives in his daddy's home in Orlando, Fl.

    He was also recently arrested for forgery and grand theft along with his wife. Please search the Ninth Judicial Court in Orlando for the records and the info on the State of Florida v.s. John Gliha felony case.

    I'll post all updates I can when I find them. When his foreclosure suit hits the web I'll post it also.

    I'm new here and I can't post links yet.
  8. markymark

    markymark New Member

    Ok I am a member of Johns program because I paid to educate myself. So far I dont see anything wrong with the program, in fact I am learning a lot about how credit works and how the Ultra Rich, Romney types, Buffet types are able to keep and grow their wealth and it shows how to limit your risk with debt. So if he got arrested I cant attest to that but i sounds like some of you haven't even gone thru the program so if someone has gone thru it and can say it's a scam please enlighten us
  9. Heather L

    Heather L New Member

    Thank you for warning everything about this program. Then everyone can do their own research about John Gilha's and his program. Thanks! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET
  10. j.citizen

    j.citizen New Member


    you just threw your money away and you can get this education for free. It's called pay your bills!!! There I didn't charge you a penny! All he sells you is how to "DELAY" the inevitable. You'll lose in the end.

    He couldn't even beat his own foreclosure, he was foreclosed on not by the bank but his HOA. This is public record. If he can't beat the HOA at a foreclosure how can he teach you to beat the bank? I read this elsewhere and looked it up myself with the county he lives in down in Florida.

    Yes, he was arrested for forgery and grand theft this year, also public record. And you trust him with your money and teach you? All I can say is WOW! He must be an honest and upstanding citizen.

    People please steer clear of this scam. Please google "john gliha scam" and there is much more to read than what I'm telling you.

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