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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Slee, Sep 12, 2003.

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    I know this isnt the proper place to post about the passing of an actor, but I felt like I had to write about the passing of John Ritter. I don't usually feel sentimental about things like this, but when I heard the news this morning, I felt extremely saddened. I really grew up with him on Three's company. I have watched countless reruns and still laugh at the same jokes over and over again. It's real weird when you think about losing someone you never really knew personally, and the loss being felt. Perhaps it was his good guy image that brought many people to enjoy his humor. I don't really know. All I know is that he will be missed by me. RIP Mr. Ritter.
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    John Ritter

    I'm sorry to read the news, which I wouldn't have read if it weren't for your post.

    Ritter could really project a likable, personable image. I remember him more for those infomercials about getting good grades than for "Three's Company."

    It's really sad when celebrities die, partly because we'll miss them but also because their real lives may not have been particularly happy. I hope John Ritter can rest (and live again) in peace.

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    It was ONE OF THE FEW SHOWS my DAD ever watched other than the NEWS...

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    With the resurgence in his career, it was a shocker.


    But, also, a moment of silence for the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash.


    And, earlier this week, Warren Zevon (Lawyers, Guns, and Money won't help him now...R.I.P.) and Larry Hovis (Sgt. Carter from Hogan's Heroes).

    Been a :( week.
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    John & Johnny

    John Ritter was active in many charities and once took some kids w/Cerebal Palsy through Carson Pirie Scott State Street Chicago store, where I worked in the late 80's. He was taking these children to see Santa Claus and was very calm, sweet and genuine. I am 34, so he was a HUGE star when I was a kid, so I was shocked & sad. I feel bad for his wife Amy Yasbeck, too young to be a widow! Entertainment lost a truly genuine person.
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