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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, Jun 15, 2001.

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    I have done some major crunching of my original 11 credit cards in the past day or two. Im now down to 5 Major and 2 Store Charges. Im ready for my loan to help me get a good "credit mix" going on.

    Im down to:(majors)
    Citi Dividend Platinum 4400 cl
    Gm card 1500 cl
    Household Card 1500 cl
    Capital One Gold 2700 cl
    Discover 1000 cl

    Speigel Charge 400 limit
    NY and Company fashion charge 250.00 limit

    I did call back gm today to see if I can combine Household onto GM, they told me that I MAY NOT be able to. So, im trying to figure out what to do to get GM and Household onto one card and have a high cl.

    So, Im ready to do the 3 secured loan method to stregthen my existing credit.

    Im joining the Penn State Federal Credit Union tomorrow morning.

    I'll start the method next friday at the latest, and im so excited to do it! Im going to use PNC bank, PSU credit union, and another bank (?).

    We'll see what goes.


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