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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by oldfuddydu, Sep 7, 2000.

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    When one party on a joint credit card account dies, and the survivor pays off and closes the account, how is the account reported on the credit report of the survivor?

    1."closed at CONSUMER or GRANTOR request" (if bank has policy that if one dies, account terminates)

    2. Does the word "Deceased" appear on the survivor's credit report?

    3. Is there any advantage/disadvantage regarding which should come first... Payment in full or notification of death?


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    RE: joint CC account- One part

    It all depends on the bank. If the bank automatically closes an account when one of the cardholders passes on, then I would just pay the account and close it without telling them.

    Most banks will just remove the joint cardholder and the account would become a single account. But if you are planning on closing the account anyway, I would suggest paying the account in full and requesting the account to close yourself before notifying the company.

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