Joy!!! AMEX removed Collection!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BlueVegas, May 2, 2001.

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    I called AMEX today since I had a account from '97 that showed up as OPEN Collection. I had done an investigation from MyFico site. Anyways they have a contact number to where they verified the account. It was some AMEX office in Ft. Lauderdale.

    I give her all my info and she pulls up the account and sees that it was a PAID colection for $297 back in May 97. Times were hard back then. Well she says that she will remove it from my credit file and send to all the CRA's to update report.

    She did all this without me asking for it. Hopefully she saw that I had never been late on the account and it was just one time when I ran out of cash and couldn't pay.

    That was sweet. I also got my VA Power bill that was past due in collections removed from Equifax. Hopefully the others will follow. Also I'm in the process of getting duplicate GulfState accounts ommited.

    My FICO was as hi as 650 the first of April and recentlyu it went down to 635 as of May 24th. This didn't include the VA Power PAST DUE or the AMEX removal and soon to be Bad Duplicates.

    How high can my report go with a judgement from 98 for $3800. Seems like I've been in recovery mode since Feb. 99...

    One more thing....I didn't know what it was at firts, but now I do. My car burnt up March99 in Vegas after living here 3 months. I go to VW dealer to try and buy a New Beetle since I had extra money from settlement. Turrns out my credit was SH*****TTT. I can remember the sales guy saying 495. I was clueless. Now 2 years later with all my old collections and cards PAID OFF I'm probably in the 650-675 range. Folkes it can be done....

    Keep your head up...


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