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    Question here. I had a Cap One card a few years back..97. The balance was around $3000. The ended up filing suit against me and I was in hell of a down state, I just let it ride. Well I eventually paid the $3850 judgement off and it says charged off on credit report. I delt with a collections company by the name of OSI. Well somehow I think one off the reps gave me the wrong amount to celar account in October, and it showed that I still owed Capital One $210. So I send that in in February to have it paid in full.

    How can this be a chargeoff, when I was ordered by the court "judgement" to pay $3850? Which I had to make the last payment to them to have it paid in full. So they got their money. No settling for less or lower deal. They got their money. So I think that it should just say CapOne PAID/FULL versus CHARGEOFF. The still got their money. I think I'm getting screwed here. BTW...I signed up for Junum this weekend to see what they can do. Sounds fishy to me. I paid all of the debt unlike some people aking for a deal.

    What do you think?
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    No actually it should say NOTHING! But what it will say in the case of a paid judgement is "Paid/Charge Off" because the CC company had to have it C/O in order to get the court ordered judgement. Mine say that along with the judgement (seems like duplicate items). The whole mess sucks, however you may be able to have your record cleaned by reading past posts on others who have had the same problems removed. Do a search on the terms "paid charge off" or post something to LizardKing he has had success removing "paid c/o"s.

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    I have had paid charge offs removed by the dispute process. Have you disputed the item yet. I always say the first step is to challenge the item in dispute. That may just answer all your questions in round 1 if it disappears.

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    Roni...on what grounds did you dispute the judgement? Any info would be appreciated!

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    I just disputed my dmv judgement/public record with transunion. I used the amount owed is incorrect. FYI, you can dispute any account for any reason that you feel they are reporting incorrectly. You dont have to provide them withthe correct info either. They have to verify what they are reporting is correct. If they cant verify it, it should be OFF your report. The amount owed was wrong. It definitely wasnot the amount I paid in january.

    Plus disputing it as "paid" doesnot helpyou b/c they can just mark the account as "paid" and not verify anything.


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    I believe you can legally dispute the collection as not yours, for the sole reason that they can only report a single-entry debt, and once they obtain a judgment, a judgment is all they're allowed to report; The debt is no longer associated with a collection account.

    As for the judgment entry, once paid you have the right to have it marked "satisfied". Probably won't increase your score, but some lenders would auto-decline an applicant whose report shows unsatisfied judgments.

    Practically, if you hired Junum, they'd dispute it as not yours even if it is.


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