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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MammaJ, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. MammaJ

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    In 1997-1998 I worked for a small company in KC, MO, where we have to pay a tax to the city on all earnings. The city website says that employers are required to withhold and submit these taxes. Turns out that my employer was shady and trying to argue that we weren't in the city limits, so she didn't have to handle the taxes. She was wrong, and the city has been trying to collect from me ever since. I made a few payments along the way, but really just kinda forgot about it.

    While working on cleaning up my credit, I see now that my report has a judgement for these city taxes. It says:

    Type: Judgement
    Status: filed
    Date Filed/Reported: 4/22/2004
    How filed: Individual
    Action Amt: $437

    My real question is, even if I pay this, is there any chance of having a judgement deleted? Or will it stay on my report regardless of how I negotiate with the City for the taxes?

  2. JoshuaHeckathorn

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    Removing a judgment is difficult, but you may be able to get it vacated if you weren't served with a summons and complaint or the collector didn't follow other specific laws throughout the process. If you feel the need to fight it because you think an unfair judgment was issued, I wouldn't pay anything first. Paid judgments will stay on your credit reports for up to 7 years.
  3. MammaJ

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    I'm kind of feeling like it's not worth the fight. I obviously owe the earnings taxes. Although it IS a judgement, it's only $437 and I'm working so hard right now to get rid of so many other things that I really think getting rid of these other items will make enough of an impact that I can just wait out the 7 years of the judgement.

    Thanks for your input.
  4. MammaJ

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    This won't show up on my CAIVRS report will it? Since it's a city lien, not for federal taxes?
  5. jjgross

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    better check a judgement can be renewed in most states.

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