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  1. New to Thi

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    I am trying to pay a Judgement that was filed against me. But the Bank that Filed it is no longer in business. and there was no collection agency assigned to this. Where do I turn to have this removed. I want to purchase a home, but of course this stands in the way. and I dont want to go through a Sub-Prime lender. (My Credit is excellent otherwise.....The Judgement happened in college...and it is over five years old.) I would hate to wait 2 more years for this damn thing to come off. Thanks in Advance.
  2. Alex - Cre

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    You could try and dispute it, if it cant be verified then you may be able to remove it from your CR.


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  3. Credit Ran

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    dispute it with the Credit Bureaus. Odds are that it will drop off or at the worst, you would be provided with a contact.
  4. Annmari

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    Hi, Explain your problem to the credit reporting agency (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax)and the will give you some insight and put you on the right path. They will also investigate it for you and contact the company themselves, they do research to find the company, even if it no longer exists, they will get to the bottom of it.
  5. New To Thi

    New To Thi Guest

    Thanks...But couldn't it still be verified in the court records, althought I want to pay this thing off?
  6. renae

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    I would think there would have to be some other institution that took over the banks accounts. Is there another bank there now? If so, and you have an old account number, contact them to see if you still come up. I had a similar situation and that's how I as able to get to the bottom of it. Because as long as you haven't gone past the Statues of limitations, a collection agency CAN still purchase it. That's what happened to me. Maybe try calling the FTC to see if they can direct you with some other ideas as to how to locate a bank no longer in business. There should also be some agency in your state that regulates banks--you can call your State Attorney General's office to find out who they are and they can probably help you as well. Good luck!
  7. Steven Z

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    You appear to place alot of faith in the CRA's, unfortunately, this is misguided.

    The reality is the CRA's have never made any attempt to hide the fact that they care only for $$$ and 'their' subscribers (typically the creditors, collection agencies), a consumers 'sole value' is for the information (especially negative) that they can compile about them and sell to ANYBODY that wants it.

    Since they don't give a damn about the consumers they respond by being unavailable via the phone (they got fined over that), ignoring letters that aren't sent certified with return receipt requested, spending the minimum amount of time doing actual investigations, rather than spending (and losing) the TIME and MONEY to do research they prefer just LYING and 'claiming' they verified the account, whereupon they will proceed to place the last known number or address of said institution. In fact they do this hundreds of times a day because they care even less for the laws and regulations than they do for the consumers, but then why should they as the legislators are in their pockets for the sum of many millions of dollars.

    In this case and regardless of the banks' whereabouts it shouldn't be too difficult to find the courthouse where this judgement was served and deal directly with them to get it vacated.
  8. Mo

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    What Steven Z. said.
  9. Steven Z

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    The sad fact is that even if it the Credit Bureau removes it either now via contestation or 2 years hence once it must be purged that still leaves 3 more years for some collection service or whichever entity has taken over the previous banks' accounts, whereupon they can keep renewing the judgement indefinately.

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