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    A judgment was entered against me in 8/98 for a repo. The amount was $7818. Two moves to different states, and 5 years later, they found me! My paycheck was garnished, then I received a letter from a attorney in my state. The amount is now over 20 thousand and climbing - they say from interest. When I contacted them, they offered to try to work out some other type of payments, for $5000 down, but the payments were more than they are taking out of my check. Here's the questions -
    I have no idea what the extra $13000. they are collecting is for other than "they say interest". Is there anything I can about this? Do I have any rights left as far as this is concerned? (considering they got a judgment 5 years ago) the judgement was against my husband and myself. They can't get money from my husband as he is on disability, so they are getting me for the entire amount. If there is no way to reduce this, I'm going to have to throw all my hard work at cleaning up my report out the window and file BK
    Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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