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    Last January, I applied for a Futurecard. I was denied, though I had nothing recent with a six month delinquent. I had no idea how to repair my credit and almost got burned badly by scam artists promising to helpo me rebuild my profile. What I found was if I waited until things were about to drop off, I could either A. make arrangements to pay at a lower rate and for half of what the original amount was and have them delete it. Believe me, they will do it in some cases just to collect any amount of money. B. I'd just dispute items and in some cases, depending on how old the accounts were, the agencies were either out of business or just didn't respond. I have no idea what my fica score is at this time, but I was told by my credit union today that I have "good credit" but I haven't been at my current job long enough. I've only been there six months and I have a satisfied judgment on my report. The only bad thing and it's bogus and I can't get it deleted. It'll drop off next year. Sorry for the long post, but it took a year and a half and lots of sub prime cards and timely payments to get where I am.

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