Juniper raised my CL in 3 months!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ble103, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. ble103

    ble103 Well-Known Member

    I just had to make a good comment on juniper.They have just raised my CL to $9400.00 up from $7500.00.Now this is what i call service with a smile!This bank is dedicated to meeting my needs as far with earning CL increases with them.What is so funny about it most c.c.c usually don't raise until atleast 9 months average.I have made big payments to them.I hope they offer me a B.T. of somekind down the road.Creditworks if you are reading this,you are right as far with exercising your credit and watch your limits grow!I couldn't include low interest yet until i see if i do get additional promotional rate offers from them.I do beleive this bank will do everything it can to keep their customers very happy with them.
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    course they want to raise your limits they charge some crazy interest rate :)

    Citi will raise your limit after the first AR (5-6 months) by using the online button instantly.
  3. 2244y

    2244y Well-Known Member

    Hi Sam,my Juniper APR is 11.95(prime+4.95) and I don't think it's too bad.
  4. ble103

    ble103 Well-Known Member

    The name of the game is to be very responsible with credit card usage!Lenders favor anyone that is not mismanaging their credit.That is the truth known to date!I am only paying a 4% interest rate!What does that tell you?I am straight with my lenders!
  5. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Congrats on that increase!! Don't spend it all in one place. ;-D
  6. greyfox

    greyfox Well-Known Member

    Well, darn, if they hadn't declined my application they probably would have raised mine too...;-))

    Seriously, congratulations!
  7. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    I got my Juniper card in January, No increases yet. How much are your monthly charges, and how much have you been paying each month? My charges have been up to $700 and I pay all but about $200 of it on an average. Thanks in advance.
  8. ble103

    ble103 Well-Known Member

    I charged a total of 6800.00 on the card,and i have made three payments of 2266.00 each.I have open up my account with them back in feb.,and they increased it on 05/29/01.I just received my letter of congradulations from them.Now i just got to wait,and see how often they they would offer promotional rates with their card.
  9. Doug

    Doug Well-Known Member

    Started with Juniper on 12/4 with a balance transfer of 2000, recently paid in full. Still at my initial credit of 6k with 11.99% interest rate. Just started to use the card, when I do balance transfers, I don't use the card until balance is zero.

    Just pay my America On Line Platinum Visa from First USA, and to my surprise, credit line went up 3000 to 10k. Started with 5k 12/99. Interest rate started at 9.9%, still at 9.9%.

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