Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by RichGuy, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    Well, I applied for the Juniper MasterCard tonight, right on the link from this site. I hope I get approved.

    I calculated that the 0% intro rate could save me $60 per month in interest on the balances I wanted to transfer. After that, the 15.9% variable rate (or is it 15.4% by now?) could save me $20 per month in interest.
  2. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    I applied directly on their website and got instant approval for $8000 at $13.9% and 6mths at 2.9%. Iwent for the long term lower apr.
  3. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    Clicked on the Juniper ad here and realized that Juniper is a division of Columbus Bank & Trust. They are the same company that issues the Aspire card. I just transfered my balance from Aspire to Nextcard.

    Do you think that they will do a product transfer from Aspire to Juniper?

    I now have a 0 balance on Aspire and am in a good position to bargain!

    Either lower APR or a Juniper card with a low apr, or close the account!

  4. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Good luck RichGuy. Keep us informed.
  5. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    Interesting question. I believe their policy only mentioned no transfers from other Juniper products; but I still didn't want to upset them by trying to transfer a balance from Aspire to Juniper.

    I work on the theory that balance transfers help gain approval in some cases. I doubt if transferring a balance from their affiliate would help.
  6. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    Thanks. I hope they keep ME informed. :)

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