Junum better than Lexington?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mary, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. Mary

    Mary Guest


    I've recently given up on Lexington Law Firm, because aside from removing a couple of negatives, not much else has been done, and it's almost been a year. After a few months of all my negatives being re-confirmed as valid, I got an email from someone else at Lexington about debt negotiation. I seemed like they should have told me this in the first place if this is ultimately what it would lead to. Creditors who ignored me are now hounding me again. I've been told to give Junum a try. Does anyone know if Junum.com's methods are more sound or effective, or even different? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am trying to improve my credit report, but need to be pointed in the right direction. I'm sorry but I don't know where else to turn.

    Mary Woolfolk
  2. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    Re: Junum better than Lexingto

    If you do a search on this board for Junum, you'll get loads of info on them. From what I've heard around here though, Junum has said that if they remove something and it comes back, they'll get it back off for free. I'm hoping the person who said that will confirm it.

    Good luck to you!
  3. Worried

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    Re: Junum better than Lexingto

    Did you send the credit reports like they told you to do? i was just wondering because I am trying to decide what service to use myself.
  4. LKH

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    I spoke with a rep at Junum on Wed. I asked this exact question and was told if anything that is disputed and deleted gets re-entered on your report, they will dispute it again at no charge.
  5. R1 credit

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    Re: Shantel

    Dispute it again at no charge? You can do that yourself at no charge anyway. They don't seem to be too comitting on what they do.

    That's the down side of using a credit repair agency... you get the attention from your creditors again. You remind them that you still owe them money and you can be found easily... they gave up previously because they thought you moved away, hard to find, don't care, etc. Getting a credit repair agency just shows the opposite of their assumptions.
  6. sam

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    Re: Junum better than Lexingto

    I work for Lexington and I noticed Mary's post regarding her frustration with our services. Mary, I tried finding you in our database but was unsuccessful. Were you going by a different name back then?

    We are 100% committed to making sure that our clients are thrilled with the service they receive. I would like to invite you to contact us so that we can review your case to assess what progress has been made. If there has been very little progress and you have been been faithful in regularly sending us your reports, you may even qualify for a refund based on our warrantee policy.

    By the way, just because the bureaus verify an item more than once does not mean that it will not come off. Our years of experience have taught us that persistence is what gets results. We would love the opportunity to continue working on your case and are willing to do so free of charge for the next three months.

    We hope to hear from you soon. You can speak with a Client Advocate at 800-341-8441 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain time.
  7. Nave

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    Re: Shantel

    You can do anything yourself at no-charge...myself wants them to do it for me. And they seem to do it well. Doing it well, for me, at no-charge is a pretty good thing.

  8. Donna

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    Re: Shantel

    Before I began my efforts to clear my credit and get the derogs off, I worked things out with all of my creditors and made good on all of my bills. The only thing is, at that time, I didn't know about the power of debt negotiation so I didn't bargain to get the negatives removed in exchange for deletion. (Boy! If only I knew then, what I know now!)

    Needless to say, since the repair process started, I haven't heard a word from my creditors but a couple of them are sure hanging tough! I would do just about anything to get this confounded paid chargeoff deleted from Equifax and Experian. After each dispute, the item keeps coming back verified.

  9. Ann

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    Re: Shantel

    I am sure you are sincere, but Lexington also offered free service to Kelly after they had done nothing while being paid, they still didn't no anything for her and she axed them.
  10. jason

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    Re: Shantel


    Are you certain you didn't get your wires crossed with Kelly? I checked and Kelly's still an active client of Lexington.

  11. NanaC

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    If something shows up again, Junum will work on removing it. If it gets deleted a second time, there is no charge. At least, that was my understanding and I believe it is written on their website.

    I did do my own credit disputes, and while successful, I was not even close to the success with disputes that Junum has been.

    I know nothing about Lexington..but can only say the best about Junum from personal experience.

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