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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, May 29, 2001.

  1. LKH

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    I received an updated Equifax report today and I got 2 more deletions out of 6 legitimate disputes. I say legit disputes because they actually disputed 8 items but 1 had already fallen off on its own and another, neither equifax nor myself know what it is they were disputing. It just has an account number but is not listed on any past or present reports. They currently have 2 more disputes in progress with Equifax. I haven't received a TU update recently, but I am due 2 updates and a third was sent by Junum. Experian is now being handled by Lexington, and as soon as I hear anything I will report. It still concerns me that Junum is disputing items that shouldn't be disputed. They really need to pay attention to what they are doing. They have now through 2 full rounds gotten 16 removals total, 8 from TU, 5 from Exp. and 3 from Equifax. Equifax is by far my worst, I would have thought the results would have been the other way around but oh well. Also, my car loan is through Wells Fargo, and out of the blue last month I noticed they were reporting 2 - 30 day lates which never happened. I called them and raised hell and on this report it is back to I1 status.
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    Thanks for your post. When you send in your reports to Junum, can you specifiy in a letter which accounts you want disputed and which accounts you want left alone?

    Has Junum ever disputed an account that had nothing wrong with it?

    I ask b/c I 'm thinking of using Junum for one tradeline on my Equifax report (I believe the creditor is reporting it incorrectly, but my efforts have gotten me nowhere) and I don't want Junum disputing anything other than this tradeline. I would XXXX out all tradelines excepting this one and send the report to Junum, but I'm afraid that Junum would send that report to Equifax and I'd get flagged for credit repair.

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    They have never disputed an account that was in good standing. I have not told them what I want disputed. I left it up to them, but I may start doing that. They did say if I wanted to, I could send a note with my reports telling them what to dispute. If you just want 1 item disputed, I don't think you would have any problems. Just do like you said, and cross out what you don't want them to touch. When I said they are disputing items they shouldn't be, I was refering to aged accounts that are falling off on their own.
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    Thanks for the clarification, LKH!
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    Re: Thanks...

    Hey LKH!

    Enjoyed talking with you on Sunday and congrats on getting another couple of items off your credit report.

    In round 3 of my disputes, Junum ignored what I asked them to do. I think they have their methodology here.

    Speaking positively, they are quick to dispute and they go after the wost ones. The stuff I wanted them to do on round 3, I can actually do myself. Therefore, I will do it myself. My relationship with Junum is now ended and I want to thank them for the great job they did in round 1 and 2.

    I wish to thank Kristi for bringing Junum to my attention. Also, I am no way dissatisfied with anything Junum did especially considering how little they cost. There is simply so little negative left on my reports and it is BK related (hard to delete) that I just don't need a Credit Restoration service at this time.

    My understanding is that the CRA's keep a record of disputes for 2 years. Therefore, I may use Junum or similar firm again at a later time.

    Again, LKH congrats.
  6. LKH

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    Re: Thanks...

    Thanks Jim. I bet it feels pretty good to see how far you have come in such a short period of time. I am hoping that between Junum and Lex., that the next 2 rounds will do it for me also. I am getting pretty anxious to apply for a "prime" card. Congrats.

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