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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, May 14, 2001.

  1. LKH

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    Well it turns out the info I got from Junum by phone last week was wrong. They do dispute every 2 weeks - 4 items at a time, as confirmed by email today. (finally) A charge off that was deleted by experian in round 1 was reinserted per updated report that I received today. I read an item on the ftc website that states a cra can reinsert an item only if it has been verified to be accurate and the debtor has been notified within 5 days of reinsertion. My updated report was printed on 5/7. The envelope is postmarked 5/10 and I received it on 5/14. According to my math, that is more than 5 days. I called experian and told them about the 5 days. The rep said my supervisor says there is no such thing. I told her there is and I just read it at the ftc website. She said you can talk to my supervisor after telling me that it was received by me within 5 days. I asked her how she knew this as I hadn't given her my name or social yet. She put me on hold and transferred me to her supers voice mail. I left a message with my name social and phone , but no one has called back. Does anybody know how I might proceed with this?
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    I would do just what you are doing....!!!! It seems you have really caught them off guard... ! No call from them hopefully means.... they will go ahead and delete your dispute.... THEN call you back.... so there will be no debate....lol......!!

    Good Luck to you and please keep up posted...!!!!
  3. Shantel

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    I'd be interested in this also LKH because I had something reinserted. It's been gone since March 18th at LEAST. Please let me know if you get any info!
  4. LKH

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  5. DaveLV

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    Do you have to RECEIVE the notification in five days or do they have to SEND the notification within five days?
  6. LKH

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    I don't know the answer to that. This is how it reads.

    New Responsibilities for Credit Bureaus

    The amendments also impose new requirements on the credit bureaus concerning file information that is disputed by consumers. In response to consumers' complaints that documentation in support of their disputes was disregarded, the credit bureaus for the first time have to consider and transmit to the furnisher all relevant evidence submitted by the consumer.

    In addition, whereas under the old FCRA, investigations had to take place within a reasonable period of time, the new amendments establish a 30-day limit for the credit reporting agencies to resolve consumers' disputes. Also, consumers now will receive written notice of the results of the investigation within five days of its completion, including a copy of his or her credit file if it has changed based on the dispute. Once information is deleted, the credit bureaus can no longer reinsert it unless the entity supplying the information certifies that the item is complete and accurate and the credit bureau notifies the consumer within five days.

    The new amendments require that national credit reporting agencies provide toll-free numbers with trained personnel accessible during normal business hours. They also increase the circumstances in which consumers can receive their credit histories without charge, and limit the fee to eight dollars ($8.00) in other cases.
  7. DaveLV

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    I'm sorry but that sounds like they just need to send it in the time limit which it sounds like they did.

    And I'm speaking as one who is sure to have three of his deletions (they are from the same agency who has resumed mailings to me this week) reinsert. My only hope is today I overnighted a validation letter to them. Hopefully this will stop them from taking any collections action (including reinsertion) for at least 30 days.
  8. LKH

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    Hey Saar or Marie, do either of you know anything about this 5 day rule works?
  9. MikeB

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    It is send not receive. The postal system does not enter the equation.

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