Junum has not been down.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eboni, Dec 18, 2000.

  1. Eboni

    Eboni Guest

    I have called Junum and been able to access the site everytime someone has complained and said it was down.

    I think people need to stop acting like chicken little. 21.95 a month is pocket change. If you are that stressed about it, do your own disputing.

    Also with anything on the internet you should use a credit card for safety. I would NEVER give someone access to my real money.
  2. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    I dont use junum but seems to me that everybody is having problems with them but you.maybe you work for them. and using a credit card is no better than using a checking account.
  3. 777

    777 Guest

    Not true. You can dispute charges and have certain rights to resolve disputes using a credit card. You may not have the ability to recover or dispute charges that are purchased on a debit card or directly debited from your checking or savings account.
  4. MikeG

    MikeG Well-Known Member

    Chicken Little - Stick to Fact

    I agree Eboni. I have had absolutely no problems with Junum. Do I think others have? Yes, but that doesnt mean that everytime something does not go the way I believe that it should I should run to this board and post Wild Accusations. I assume we are all adults. I respect Roni for simply saying I have had a bad experience and thus will cancel. People are now posting who have not even used Junum and saying bad things.

    Please stick to the facts. Please remain as unbiased or at least constructive as possible. Nothing wrong with posting negative information, but the chicken little stories need to stop.


    Mike G.

    THE SUN'S NOT IN THE SKY. IT'S DARK OUTSIDE. THE END IS NEAR. Oh sorry, it's night time here.
  5. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Their 877 number is not workin

    However, I have always been able to access their website including today 12-18-2000.
  6. jason

    jason Well-Known Member

    RE: Chicken Little - Stick to


    I work with Lexington Law Firm, a direct competitor of Junum.

    I'd have to disagree with you a bit, here. Lexington has been on the rough end of some of the "wild accusations" and negative feedback coming from this board. While the negative response has hurt at times, it has also fueled an awareness of what the clients expect. As a result, the firm has changed a great deal.

    All things considered, I'd rather have the negative feedback then no feedback.

    So, posters to this board, bring it on! Lex appreciates your feedback of any kind.
  7. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Did you read what he wrote?


    Mike was not trying to discourage people from posting negative feedback. All he was saying is don't *BROADCAST* information unless it's valid. Just because I don't see any Daewoo cars on the road doesn't mean that I should run around telling people that they went out of business. Bottom line: Don't jump to any conclusions until you validate your information.

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