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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any experience with how either of these firms handles it when incorrect info is verified? Do they continue to dispute as not mine, or do they have another strategy? Do they ever contact your creditors telling them to report correctly, or do these firms simply deal with the CRAs? How successful are they in getting verified incorrect info updated or removed?
  2. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Junum has been pretty successful in my case. I don't think that they contact creditors...they only deal w/ CRAs. It is a big mystery as to Junum's dispute strategies. I'm curious myself but the bottom line is that if they let their *methods* get out, then they would be out of business, right? The only thing that made me mad is that on round 1 they disputed stuff. Then on round 2, they re-disputed stuff that came back verified on round 1. The CRAs (Experian in particular) notified me that they would NOT be re-investigating these items. I thought it would be logical to move on to other stuff and then come back to the verified stuff later on but who knows. I have been getting about a 40% deletion rate with Junum.
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Hi Shyguy!!

    Junum knocked off over half of my negatives during round one and two of disputing. I have no idea how they did it.

    On round 3, I asked them not to redispute the 2 negatives on TU. They did it anyway. If they didn't do as I asked with EQ and EX - then it's goodbye and on to something else in a month. probably lexington full service. We'll see.
  4. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Well-Known Member

    Experian won't reinvestigate

    I have the same story with Experian. BR disputed, and Experian verified. So BR re-disputed, and Experian refused to reinvestigate. Only Experian verified a lot of incorrect info. And this is preventing me from getting credit I'm qualified for.

    I guess this makes me wonder about BR, Lex and Junum -- are they simply aiming for deletions, or can they at least force the CRAs to report correctly? (For example, mortgage companies want you to pay all chargeoffs. How do credit-repair firms get the CRAs to acknowlege the debt was discharged and not charged off?)

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