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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by river, May 15, 2001.

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    I have noticed several post where thee were deletions first round and then reinsertions of these deletions.This is probably due to creditors who report to CB's monthly. My question is :when this happens ,does junum or lexington credit your acc't for charges of the deletions that were re-inserted? I have read where some posters start out so impressed with the results of round one and then the deletions re-appear and they seem to take on a different attitude towards these repairing companies.It seems that they dispute "as if it were you actually filing the disputes",but in reality it is them disputing.This seems to actually leave the CB's with impression that if disputed too many times that "you" are filing frivilous disputes after the 3rd or 4th times and this puts an "alert" on your reports.Guess its just another company that targets the weak and insecure.They seem to know that "good credit"can make you and "bad credit" can break you.With regards to those who have had excellent results,but sympathy for those who weren't fortunate to be one of the few lucky ones.Guess i am one of the lucky ones who has had great success with disputing my own.

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