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    This is a conversation that I had with a JUNUM operator tell me what you guys think I had this conversation like on instant messanger type service..................................... Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'MARTA'
    MARTA: Welcome to Junum, how can I help you?
    you: why are the phones not working
    you: are you there ?
    MARTA: we are having problems switching phone companies, they told us we would have functioning phones by today..but obviously that did not happened..i do apologize for the inconvenience
    MARTA: you caan call our sales number at 8889909999
    you: We have had people telling us that Junum went belly up
    you: a former employee...might I add
    MARTA: not at all...
    you: how long are the phones going to be out
    MARTA: we became a publicly traded company as off a few days ago..we relocated to a much better facility and everything is looking very bright for junum
    you: Thanks, I will pass the info on
    MARTA: like i said we are prviding our memebrs with the alternate number..8889909999..in order to accomodate the time period our other number might be out of service
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    RE: JUNUM......PLEASE READ ...

    Yes, when I had problems getting through to Junum a month ago, I called the sales # to reach someone. I can not predict anything with Junum. Speculating will be futile I think. I think we should all wait.

  3. Cadillac408

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    RE: JUNUM......PLEASE READ ...

    I agree. I think we should just wait and see. I'm sure they'll get everything back on track. The only reason why I can understand what they are going through is because a girlfriend of mine works for a company in Silicon Valley and their phones got messed up one time like that when they were doing a switch for about 5 days!

    I tell you what though......if Junum is a scam (which I doubt), it would be one hell of a scam!
  4. Jim

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    I also just want to wait.


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