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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Rita, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Rita

    Rita Guest

    On Thursday I recvd a second copy of my equifax report and on Friday I received a copy of my Experian report. This is what Junum has deleted since November....

    1. Coll $984 (unpaid) since 1995 / eqf
    2 Coll $96 (unpaid) since 1998 / eqf/exp
    3 Coll $255 (unpaid) since 1997 / eqf/exp
    4Judgement $3150 (unpaid) since 1997 / eqf
    5 Coll $4098 (unpaid) since 1995 /eqf
    6 Coll $441 (unpaid since 1995 / exp.

    Now, since everybody was posting all this negative info. about junum, I almost cancelled in the beginning of this month. Thank God I didn't. I have to admit that I was also leary of them but now I am so so happy. Now I am just waiting to see my TU report. That one I have not received yet.
  2. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member


    I hope you saw my post about the big success Junum had with my credit. Junum just scanned my revised credit reports onto their website. So we are ready for "round 2" of credit disputing. I am making it a point to let the board know how they do.

    By the way, Junum has moved to Santa Ana, CA and they have a new telephone number. Before you send your credit reports to the old Las Vegas address, you should E-mail Junum for the new address.

    Keep posting about Junum.
  3. Rita

    Rita Guest

    Thanks for the info...

    I was just about to mail the eqf and exp reports to the envelope they mailed back in december. So I guess I'll have to call them and ask for the new address. BTW, did you wait to get all 3 reports back from the CB's or did you just send them each report as you got them. Please advise, thanx.
  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    I waited until I had all 3 rep

    and then mailed them in the one envelope. It took 10 days for the new reports to show up on the Junum website. The 10 days is perfectly ok with me because my reports went to Las Vegas first. I live in CA.

    When I E-mailed Junum on Monday, I got a response on Tuesday. That was efficient. Where people make a mistake with Junum is expecting immediate turn around for items and a lot of telephone attention for $22 a month.

    P.S. I made a copy of each credit report for myself before mailing.

    I will look for your Junum posts on the board.

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