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  1. Nancy Klin

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    Two Crestar Charge offs from 1997 ($2500 and $500)
    , a disover charge off ($1500), a musical equipment renal defeault, and an apartment rental where i just left, all from 96/97 reported in 97/98...should I work with Junum?

    Also, ALL of thee cards where gotten with a co applicant....is this important, will it make it easier/harder to delete and make them easier/less important?

    I paid the co applicant back (my then to be husband but it didnt work out) he was supposed to pay them off but took the moola and disappeared
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    nancy, some posters have praised Junum while others have not had any success, but this usually is the way with some companies you either love um or hate um. You may want to search here for Junum posts and then decide what you want to do.

  3. Nancy Klin

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