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  1. alice

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    Does junum charge for names and address removal?
    I may case there are about 10 variations and wrong addresses.
  2. breeze

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    You can do that yourself. It's simple. The CRA's don't verify addresses, they will just delete them.

    For name, send them the correct name (any you have actually used and don't want deleted), and a letter stating that all of the others are erroneous, please delete them.

    I used the word "incorrect" when I disputed these - they had left off things like Apt numbers, misspelled the street, had the dates of residence out of whack, etc. even Equifax, the meanies, took them off with no argument. I now have a current address and 1 previous address on file with them, which suits me fine.

    They long ago lost my maiden name, and say I have been in their files since 1996 (Equifax and Experian) and 1989 (TU) - they lost 10 or 15 yrs of records on me somewhere along the line.

    I have often wondered if there is a second file on me under my maiden name, but my guess is that they only use computerized records now, and that file would have been before the digital age began (guess I'm old, huh?)


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