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    What to say about the Junum building?. It is located in a pretty nice commercial/ industrial park in Costa Mesa (Orange County, California and an affluent area of the county). The building is really modern single story occupied by many companies. It looks like the Junum facility is about 4,00 sqaure feet. I would say they look like your average internet company. Sort of modern decor, interestingly enough the front door was locked but because the receptionist saw the city vehicle she let me in. I think she thought I was there on official business. She was friendly and I feel like they are a solid company. I have the luxury of being able to hand carry my reports and ask questions. Sort of lucky for me. Any further let me know. I also chatted with smoking emplyees outside.
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    I signed up with Junum last week. Within 24 hours they called to confirm my info and conduct a survey. I will be sending my reports this weekend, so wish me luck.

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