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    i have recently joined junum, i have all three copys
    of my credit reports but now i am scared to send them.. some of my debt is large and i havent heard
    from the collection agencys in years...do you think they will come after me and try to find me if i let
    junum dispute the debt or can i tell junum not to dispute for it will be coming off soon. someone help
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    How long is years? The SOL is very important in this situation. I was in a similar situation with a $5000 debt that I couldn't and hadn't paid. I waited until it was a month until the end of the SOL (5 years in VA) before disputing them. I was happy I did. They verified in the first round and sent me a collection letter and called all my relatives from the original application to get my number. Very embarassing. And I have an inquiry on my Equifax from them with a Collections notation. I sent them a cease and desist letter after that stating the SOL was up and not to contact me again.

    They were deleted on the next couple rounds through Lexington. Be careful. Call Junum and talk to your advocate there and find out what they think. Maybe Kristi could help you with some more sound advice.

    Who knows

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