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  1. new here

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    Do they provide information on what they are doing on your credit reports? They recently received my credit report, and that is the last thing that shows on activity. Do they show what disputes they are doing somewhere on the site?
  2. AnnMarie

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    Did you send in a tri merged report? If you did you won't be able to find out what they disputed on the first round, only subsequent rounds. I called them since it wasn't showing anything--but they did mine almost immediately and now the tri merged is showing on the web site.

  3. bbauer

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    Just out of curosity, I did a BBB check on Junum.
    The Nevada BBB states that they have no adverse reports about the company and that they have a satisfactory record with the bureau.
  4. MikeB

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    Bill, good to know, but I wouldn't give much importance to what the BBB claims. Afterall, they allow Direct Merchants Bank to use the BBB logo on their website, and I know they have many complaints (I filed one), and they just settled a class action lawsuit for screwing their cardholders. People see this logo and think "Wow, this must be a good company!". Wrong.......

    Anyway, back to Junum, I have had no problems with them yet.
  5. NanaC

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    I did the same, checking them out before I joined...I don't know..it can't hoit, as they say, to check them out on the BBB! LOL

    Junum rocks...see my other post under TU, Round 2 Junum Results..
  6. bbauer

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    I am well aware that the BBB is pretty muchly a joke, but filing complaints the company has to answer at least keeps them busy so they don't have so much time to screw with people can't hurt. I file complaints with the BBB all the time and it usually gets at least some results.

    What really gets funny is when you stumble across a collection agency that has a miserable record and then you can use that info to flip a few boogers on them.

    It can get kind of funny at times.
  7. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    "flip boogers"? Thanks to that image, everytime I pick my nose, I will think about my credit. Haha

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