Just checked my Equifax Again

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by carsNmoney, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. carsNmoney

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    Cap 1 is being reported as a zero balance, charge off, but 2009 past due.. How in the world can I be 2009 past due and with a zero balance.. What should my next step be?
  2. jam237

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    It may not make sense, but sometimes anything which is a 'comment' may not be updated when the information for the tradeline is updated by the company.

    I had a problem with my student loans which are defered showing up as having been 60 days past due on TransUnion...

    Turns out when I had sent the correspondence to the student loan people right after getting out of the hospital no less, they processed it as a request for the paperwork, instead of a letter requesting a deferment... then processed the defermemnt paperwork under a separate date... apparently only because the person whom I had called there apparently didn't tell me that I needed to include one EXTRA sentence, phrased in a redundently cumbersome phrasing specially for them to process it...

    They sent update after update to TransUnion but the 60 days (and one 90 days) late comments stayed... So after they sent three special updates to TransUnion, and it still wasn't being updated to remove the comment, I had to dispute it through TransUnion, and called them to say "You'll be getting a dispute through TransUnion, I'm not disputing it however it seems to be the only way to get the listing to be updated correctly by them..."

    They quickly returned the verification with a request to update it to a positive comment line, and has stayed that way since...

    It seems idiotic that an account could be late, or past due when the tradeline itself says otherwise, but thats the way that their systems are, it can't think that there is anything wrong with the information, and no one bothers to check to see whether the information on the tradeline matches the comments for the account.
  3. carsNmoney

    carsNmoney Active Member

    Ok I got it.. (I think) I am sorta new at all of this.. It seems a little overwhelming.. But one of these days I will get the hang of all of this..

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