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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Jun 2, 2000.

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    I am so sick of getting these so called preapprovals. I received a pre approval from them several months ago and was declined and now they have the nerve to send me another one. I just told them that they should state the facts regarding their invitation. I told them they should state that the person just mean the general criteria etc., I told them it sounded very close to fraud to me, they way this is worded, there is no mention a basic criteria, it only states that if I do not satisfy their criteria of creditworthiness which were selected I did, but no longer do. What a bunch of baloney. I'm sure they will not do anything, but I just wanted to vent to them anyway, I'll let you know if I ever get response, doubtful, but you never know.
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    RE: Just emailed At&t univ

    I know what you mean, I get those things almost daily, what I've learned is that "Pre-Approved" doesn't mean squat.

    These companies usually get their new mailing lists from different sources and I'm sure that they dont bother to check if they've solicited you in the past.

    Let us know if they answer your angry email. :)


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