Just got my score on Q-Space

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. Desdemona

    Desdemona Well-Known Member

    I don't get it.. ;~) Just got my Equifax report off Q-Space. Most of the accounts are updated as of 12/2000 or 1/2001 the oldest is 8/2000 but that's my Ward's card and it's paid. Total of 12 accounts 7 satisfactory 3 paid collection (one which I paid in 4/2000 is now showing as open 0 balance??) the other 2 have 1 times 30 from 4/99 and 7/99. No public records, no inquiries, no open collection. I am currently trying to get the 3 paid collections off but they keep getting verified.

    So you ask what is my score... 591 (credit category is FAIR) I don't get it!

    I don't understand this bit of information that they provided with my score. To raise my score I should apply for credit. According to Q-Space I would only recieve offers from sub prime lenders. Why would I apply when all I'll get is sub prime? I already have sub prime with Providian and Bank First.

    I know that Q-Space is not very reliable but I wanted to get an idea of where I stand while waiting out the disputes on the paid collections.

    Sorry I had to rant, and I know that there has to be someone out there who is just like me.. I don't get it.
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    RE: Just got my score on Q-Spa

    I mentioned this in another thread. Qspace is not very reliable with people who have collection account on their reports. My husbands Qspace was 535. His Qspace report was generated by Equifax. The same report pulled via lender showed Beacon score 636.

    The reason Qspace said his score was down was because he missed as least one payment on 2 accounts in the last month. Well the only possible late payments they are considering is his collection accounts (2). He hasn't been late on any of his revolving, installment, or charge accounts.

  3. roni

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    You didnot mention anything about having long term good current accounts. That is what is keeping your score low. Recent lates will kill your scores (even 1 or 2), Collections will also. That what you have to work on to raise your score. Get good accounts and remove bad info.

  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Just got my score on Q-Spa

    I have been late recently-the perkins loan that i am rehabiliting. My beacon and qspace were very close ---Beacon (lender): 653 , qspace: 649.

    just my story.

  5. Desdemona

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    RE: Desdemona


    The last lates I had were 4/99 and 7/99 and I really was late so they were verify when I tried to dispute them in 11/2000. So we're talking 18 months of paying as agreed. I have gotten rate increases from all my accounts within that last 6 months and had successful had some negative stuff removed since 11/2000 (thanks to the advise of this board)I even had the rate lower on two of my cards. I re-read the report Q-Space gives you when you recieve a score and it stated that my credit file was only 6 year and 1 month old and that is hurting me. What do they want me to age faster?? I started my credit file when I was 18, but ran right in to trouble so I am glad that off there now. (I'm 31)
    I'm afraid to have a lender pull a report to find the "real" score because I don't want to have the inquiry. My last one was 6/2000. But I'm so inpatient to wait for March when the Big 3 are suppost to disclose.
    You are right I am working on removing the 3 paid collections. But one of them is Cap One and the other is Hudsons/Target. Got Hudsons/Target removed from Experian still work on TU and Equfax.
    Thanks for listening to me rant.

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