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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveyBoy, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. DaveyBoy

    DaveyBoy Well-Known Member

    Ok gang...i know i'm not the most frequent poster, but got into the wine tonight, and had to see where things stand.. :)

    Just got the triple reports from MyFico.com. (ouch, $38?)

    Anyways, results below:

    TU = 624
    EXP = 651
    EQ = 589

    (wow...a TON better then a couple of years ago..this site and its members ROCK!)

    Now, SO and I have been looking at houses..no application for a mortgage yet. SO has pristine credit (0% for the new Range Rover...I could only wish) so that ranges around very high 600's to well into the 700's. No problems there.

    We're looking for something around 200k or so...don't want to go too much over...live within your means, etc...

    Any thoughts as to approval chances?

    Thanks again...if it wasn't for this site, and of course it's kick a$$ members, i'd still be a creditless moron!

    DB :)
  2. DaveyBoy

    DaveyBoy Well-Known Member

    Almost forgot...the D/E ratios, etc..

    I have 11k-ish on a car loan, and SO has 12k-ish owed on the new car....CC's down to like 1100..which will be paid off in the next month or so. All current, no lates.

    Total HH income = 110k/yr (gross, of course)


    DB :)
  3. sahlegian

    sahlegian Well-Known Member

    I dont see any problems , as long as you have no outstanding collections, and a decent down payment a traditional lender should give ya a decent rate. we bought for 193,00 put, 20,000 down and finacned the rest at 5.50 % fixed. Our scores are a touch higher, but i dont see any problems. Our Payments are 1236 per month principal, interest, tax, and insurance.

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