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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof5, Feb 13, 2001.

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    I took on the go's advice and started reading back old threads and really paying attention to who was saying what. Realized there is something with the name of Momof3 which I did not notice before, if you would like me to change my name I can...I use this one all the time for the online games and didn't think to look before I used it here. I can't wait to try some of your suggestions and try to repair our credit. To on the go, yes, big family, costs a lot to keep it going, but I want to make all things right, finally...time to get out of depression and be financially responsible, but would still like to remove some bad things on the report...can they really be deleted even if accurate? Cause mine are accurate, unfortunately!
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    RE: Just read some old posts..

    Ummmm that would be 'someone' not 'something'...sorry about that.
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    RE: Just read some old posts..

    Yes, you can have accurate info deleted, usually, the older the better. Also, if it is a paid account, they come off easier.

    But, when I say easier, it isn't very easy most of the time. The CRA's like to "Verify" information by asking their neighbor Bob.

    Of course, I have been pretty lucky. I guess. I have had a lot of deletions, some of them fairly recent, unpaid. Which suprised the heck out of me!

    Good luck, and be sure to read this board. Any questions you have can and will be answered by the awesome people here! I owe ALL my success of credit repair to the people on this board!

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    Don't change a thing

    It's fine with me, you should be proud of 5, I am proud of my 3, 4 if you count my hubby:)

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    RE: Don't change a thing

    hahaha Thanks Mom, yeah, me too, count hubby as #6...he's just like them most of the time too. Course, I can be too, so hey, what the heck, make me #7.

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