Just received $51.06 collection bill from Convergent. Worried. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by aPintOfRed, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. aPintOfRed

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    Hi thanks for reading this. On 1/19/2017 I received a letter from Convergent stating I owe them $51.06. I'm worried sick for a few reasons:

    - I'm 30, bit of a loser, and my mom has taken steps to help me improve my credit score to the degree that I could get a small home loan some day.

    -As I was just moving out of my apartment back into my parent's house, my mom said "MAKE SURE you pay the electric bill".

    -So I called Ever-source, and the nice lady on the phone said "your final bill will be deducted 1/12/16, and then we'll shut your electricity."
    Cool. Account closed.

    -I saw Ever-source deducted 130 from my bank account. I assumed all went well, and that the final entire balance was paid.

    -A few weeks ago I see I'm getting a bill from Eversource for 51 bucks. Being busy with school, being busy in my own depressed head, I just put it off like I do everything. I'm lost...deeply lost person.

    -I had/have plenty of cash to pay this off. I just never did. Now I have this piece of mail from Eversource and I'm not sure how to process this. Being that this Convergent mail is dated 1/19/2017, is there a chance that it has not yet been reported to a credit bureau?

    I understand that nuisance debt under 100 dollars doesn't affect my credit score per se, but it shows up and affects how mortgage lenders feel, which is quite frankly the only reason I care about my credit score. I have to finish out school, maintain my decent score and get a house. I can't live at home anymore, it's just pathetic.

    And plus, my mom looks at my credit score, not me, so if she sees this after warning me, she will be utterly pissed, rightfully so. So I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here. Am I supposed to employ the pay-for deletion tactic? Am I not at that point yet? Should I try to contact the original creditor, who in this case is Eversource? I'm very overwhelmed, and in over my head. Any tips or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  2. jam237

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    I would send the CA a letter asking thrm to validate the account. And telling them that it's inconvenient for them to call you.

    At the same time, I would contact the OC to ask them to work with you.

    The amount of the collection probably doesn't affect the score as much as the collection itself.
  3. addicted

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    I didn't receive a letter however i noticed a collection account from them posted to experian. I sent them a DV letter and almost disputed with experian online.Ex deleted it within a day.

    Apparently upon further research, they typically pop up when you have applied or prequalified for a mortgage.

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