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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Apr 21, 2001.

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    The lender we have been working with let me take & review the combined CR's they get. I am totally amazed. Not the same report you get if you request.

    I don't mind the good credit that they are still reporting 10 years later The bad stuff that was either paid or dishcarged in Bk are showing up on all three differently.

    TU having 99% of the items as wrong.
    Experian a tad bit better
    Equifax better yet.

    Some of this I thought was cleared up four years ago & according to the reports I have gotten it is. TU still shows pd judgments from 1994 as unpaid. I have repeatedly sent the court papers to them. One they show verifying 3/2000. How? I called the court house & they say they have it as paid.

    How do you get them to listen????

    Our home was included in the Ch 13 for payments to be made instead of us doing it directly. This mortgage co reported 30 & 90 day lates during the ch 13.

    Last year I spent four months sending & resending paper work to these three. They would send back up dates with the items cleared up. Here they are back again. Some I had never seen on a report before.

    A new one is dated open 1/2000 for a local hospital charge. Impossible since I was 1500 miles away in another state during that time.

    Many of this is clearly misreporting since one Cr reads paid another open for the same account. Our Ch 13 which was discharged 12/99. Experian-discharged
    So what can you do? Thanks for letting me vent.

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