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    I have a Direct Merchants Secured card. I've had it for almost 6 months. I gave a $99 savings deposit and was given a $500 limit. The account is in excellent shape. I called to find out if I would be reviewed for a limit increase and this is what the rep said:

    "You have a secured account and we do not increase the limit on these accounts. In order to get an increase you will need to unsecure the account. To do this, if think you will qualify, apply for an unsecured account. If you are approved they will not issue a new card but change you to unsecure status, refunding your deposit/interest. You limit would be based on income and credibility. If the limit is low, because it will be an unsecured card, you can in the future request increases."

    Has anyone with this card been told this or actually tried this?

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