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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Doris K., Jan 2, 2001.

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    Well, so far today, my daughter has managed to get rid of some accounts, but didn't fair so well in the retention departments of others.

    She managed to cancel First National Visa, First Premier Visa, Radio Shack, Wards, and American Eagle Outfitters.

    Orchard Bank does not combine multiple accounts, nor will they upgrade to Household or Union Plus. They did give her a credit limit increase on one card and lowered her interest rate on another. The rep told her that because she has maintained an excellent history on both accounts, she will get much better interest rates and credit lines on the 1-year anniversary dates of her cards. One will reach 1 year in February and the other in March. I told her to go ahead and wait to see what they offer then, and if it's nothing just absolutely spectacular, kill both accounts.

    While Direct Merchants Bank offered nothing for now, they did tell her that her account would be reviewed for unsecured, prime status on its 1-year anniversary date, which will be in March. They claimed that with Diane's payment history, she would see a significant upgrade. I'll believe it when I see it, but perhaps it wouldn't hurt to let the account age a couple more months. I've advised her to give them the boot if their offer doesn't just thrill the absolute hell out of her. They don't have the greatest reputation in the world anyway.

    Thanks for everyone's help! We'll get rid of some more tomorrow. Thank goodness the merchant cards don't have retention departments!
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    It sounds like a great idea Doris, having her close any excess accounts. Having too many is known to lower those credit scores, and some of those interest rates are just absurd. Hopefully she will recieve those promised upgrages and increases too. If they want to retain her as a customer they will. Keep us all posted. Good luck, hope your able to negotiate with the remaining ones.

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