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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Dec 18, 2000.

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    I need to speak to them and their telephone number has not been working since 12-15-2000.
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    RE: Kristi How about an update

    Hi Jim,
    Sorry I could not reply sooner I am really busy right now working for carreon & consulting for junum. I really needed to answer this reply just to let you guys know that I have seen zero problems while being there. They switched their cable & wirless carrier and as a result were told the lines and dsl could be interupted for up to a week on and off.

    As for any other problems, I have seen none. I have been sitting with customer service, going over production and reviewing contracts and I really like how thorough,professional and caring this company is. I am not a member of junum because I cured my own problems years ago :) but I can tell you from my own personal experience in dealing with them that they are a heck of a lot fairer then alot of plans and they are licenced under CROA and they are very inexpensive. Again, you know me, self help first but if your going to pay, lexington and junum are the best choces around.

    as for Jason asking about IPO, I just checked and here is stats today.

    Symbol ebid (symbol will change to junu next week)

    Market OTC BB
    4:04PM ET

    Last Trade 5.88

    Change 0.53

    %change 9.96

    Prev Close 5.343

    Volume 15100

    Open 5.375

    Day High 6.187

    Day Low 5.375

    52 Wk Low 1.5

    52 Wk High 260

    EPS -710

    P/E -0.01

    Market Cap. 0 (mil)
    0 (mil)

    Direct link is but could expire so just search dow jones for ebid symbol.

    Take care guys!

    Jim wrote:
    I need to speak to them and their telephone number has not been working since 12-15-2000.
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    RE: Kristi How about an update

    Very nice post Kristi. That should hold us for a while.


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